Interviews, Liberation, & Map

Enlightenment isn’t about achieving something, or getting something, or getting somewhere, or reaching a destination. Enlightenment is about letting go of something we already have, something that was nurtured inside us, and then not picking it up when it feels right to do so.

No, I don’t think there is a god, at least not that you can identify or pray to, or expect to do something, because I believe god is an idea. I do, however, believe we have a master, but not one I often hear or see referenced. Our cells each contain instructions on how to make each of us, each different, each stored as information inside chains of proteins, made from chemicals, made from atoms, made from positive and negative particles. One of the instructions of the brain is to develop a silent internal voice of mind, that is concerned with ideas, and the egos responsibility is the idea of self. We are cells, and billions of years ago there was one, or a few, clustered in the same environment, that evolved from chemistry, electricity, and magnetism. Biological Life, fight to survive and control to thrive. Tight control is required to make an Idea reach the public mind, and out live the life of its creator.

1. Ideas of Selves
I see it deep inside of you, hiding behind your eyes,
like a little child, who’s got no home, and trying to stay alive
And when the fight is over, and you think I’m telling lies
I see the little child inside, hiding behind your eyes

I wonder where we’ll be tonight, when all the lights are off
alone in bed together, and both adrift and lost
Cos even if there once was love, and I believe there was
the ideas that we have of us, define the final cost

2. Happy Birthday
The day you caught the buzz, and trapped it deep inside of you
The day you came to life, and made this world so beautiful

The day you trapped the sun, and trapped it deep inside of you
The day you gave our Earth, its air to breath and made it blue

The day you learned to fight, and made surviving wonderful
The day they learned to lose, and know it was inevitable

The day you learned to thrive, and made love worth the crucible
The day they learned to organize, and war was just a

Happy 4 billionth birthday, Life

3. Getting His Way
he just needed to get his way.
Hitler, Trump, etc.
walls of fear in his mind

know your enemy.
You cant fight an enemy you cant see.

4. This Is Our Land
this is our land, pride
this is our land, to share or not

5. 90%
if 90% of them were useless, would you believe them. Education. Families who have them, who dont know, and then find out, or who always knew. We work among them.

6. Symbiosis
cant live with them, cant live without them. Ideas. Symbiosis.

7. Look Down
We’ve been looking for something big and smart, when we should have been looking for something small and boring. The Integral Model. Looking in the wrong place. Science helped turn it around. Look down, not up.

8. Everywhere
creative process is everywhere. Change is the creative process.

9. Skin Bag
The body bag. Skin bag. Gravity, pressure, friction. Perception, height, plus emotions.
walls of pain his body

10. All There Is
all there is, is time

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